• I have purchased two flutes (one G and one D) from your booth at Hampton Beach Seafood Festivals, a cane flute for a friend last November, and a walking stick flute in June. I love all your flutes!

    Thanks so much,

  • My walking stick worked wonderfully for me. Due to my malady I had a few days when I was very unsteady and it was my constant companion. Uphill, downhill, across fields of loose broken granite and water crossings, it supported my weight without bending or any other concerns. I just can’t express how much I had to trust it and it how well it held up.

    Thanks again to you and Nick your support (literally and figuratively) and for such a great product.


  • I enjoyed your flute on our trip to Italy. The flute travelled with me to Bologna, Rome, and Sorrento. This photo was taken in the rural farming village of Prunarolo which is a part of the larger community of Vergato. It is in the Apennines, south of Bologna on the road that runs from Bologna to Pistoia in Tuscany.


  • The walking stick flute has journeyed with me on 20 sections of the Long Path this summer, which passes through the Shawangunks, Catskills, Schoharie Valley, and and Helderbergs…rough, rough trails with roots and rocks and boulders and sheer rock ledges where you have to toss the stick in the air ahead of you to scramble to the top. It is holding up great, and duly scratched up all over to proudly show where it has been! It makes my hiking so much easier, with extra thrust going up, and balance and stability while descending.

    Thanks so much,

  • We are so glad we found you…and we will be sure to pass your name along as we ‘show off’ Dave’s wonderful cane and walking stick. Even though he is handicapped, he can walk with pride with this beautiful cane. It is certain to be a conversation piece with many and we will pass on your information to all. With his handicap, being assisted by his new cane sure does make it easier for him — as he can feel great about this beautiful cane that is vital to helping him.

    Best Regards, Lisa & Dave

  • I recently purchased one of your beautiful bamboo flutes at the Philadelphia Folk Festival and I just wanted to let you know how much I love it. I am the only one in my office during the day and there isn’t much to do. However, now, I use my time to practice on my flute and I can hear myself improving everyday. Hope to see you next year at the fest! Thank you!


  • Linda! Wow! The Salem flute is exquisite! Oh, my gosh, is it ever gorgeous. Everything about it is wonderful! It’s absolutely breathtaking. I’m all choked up now with tears running down my face. Thank you, thank you for this amazing and beautiful artistic creation. I love it!


  • I received my Serenity Bamboo hiking staff last week, and have had a chance to use it a few times. Great! Thanks to all who cut, sanded, finished, sealed, and shipped it. It’s a wonderful, personal product at a great price!


  • The bamboo flute you made me with the B and butterfly symbol arrived today and I gotta say it’s so awesome! Never thought I could get that much quality and beauty for the price. Thank you so much Linda and everyone! I’ll certainly order more 🙂

    Best Regards,

  • I thank you so much for taking a vision I have had for a long time now and bringing it to life. The walking stick flute you made for me plays like a dream and looks AMAZING! I am thrilled to have found you guys. The best customer service I have had in a very long time. You worked with me all the way through, delivering the highest quality flute I ever could have imagined. I will be referring anyone looking for craftsmanship, best service and quality.

    -David N.

  • The cane arrived yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful. Luckily Sue has not needed it, but she is enjoying showing it to everyone. It has helped to make a difficult situation (her necessity of a cane was precipitated by a diagnosis of MS) a little more bearable. The need for a cane can be demoralizing, especially for someone as young as Sue, but this cane has made her proud because it represents so much of what makes her special….I know you’ll be getting recommendations from us when people see Sue walking with such a work of art.


  • Oh, my gosh, Linda, the walking stick flutes are gorgeous! They’re absolutely stunning! I love, love love them!

    When he saw the WSFs, Lloyd’s reaction, like mine, was WOW! He now understands why I’ve been so excited! As I type this, he is raving about your artwork, and a few minutes ago he said he didn’t know bamboo was such a lovely wood.

    Best wishes,

  • I recently ordered a walking stick for my friend who is going to Nepal. I just wanted to thank you for the fast, friendly, professional service that you provided. I am incredibly pleased with the purchase. You are right, the inscription was perfect. I haven’t given it to my friend yet, but I believe it is going to be a great blessing to her.


  • I thought you might like the attached pictures. They were taken on the Inca Trail in Peru hiking to Machu Picchu. The walking stick/flute was great! I shortened it by about 4″ to suit me, inset a length of wooden dowel into the end and screwed in a smaller rubber tip. The grip is bicycle handlebar tape. It was an essential item of gear on the trip, and worked as a hiking stick as well as the trekking poles others used.


  • I want to thank you for sending the walking stick handle so fast. I really appreciate it.

    My husband does not like walking with a cane, but the walking stick he just loves. You and I know that there is no difference except for what we call it, but to me it is a godsend, and I sincerely want to thank you for getting the handle here in time for our son’s wedding tomorrow.


  • WOW! I’ve been collecting bamboo flutes here and there since I first ordered from you in 2009/10? My first flute I ordered from you is still well-played and beautiful, but man, these new ones are gorgeous! Really love the extra dark finish, and they all sound as amazing as they look.


  • Your wonderful walking sticks arrived today! We were so excited as we were opening the box. Incidentally, you did a great job of packing and having each walking stick in its individual tube and wrapping which protected them.

    As we unwrapped each one, the beauty of the designs and your attention to detail took our breath away.

    Michi and Frank

  • The tone is sweet and mellow, and sometimes it feels like the flute is the one playing me. I’ve even caught my housemates snooping outside my bedroom door while I practice a few times!

    To reward myself for learning to play a little bit on the cane flute, I just ordered one of your smaller concert tuned bamboo flutes to play on. I just wanted you guys to know that you make a wonderful product and that you’ve made one aspiring flutist very very happy.


  • Dear Serenity Bamboo,

    I received my Serenity Chinese Bamboo Flute in G today and it is absolutely amazing. It looks magical and sounds divine. I am so happy with this, my happiest purchase indeed. Thank you so much for such wonderful work for such low prices!


  • The bottom line is that the cane flute was so good, I felt at completely at ease ordering the walking stick flute. As I mentioned before, I’m no musician. The best I can do is three Christmas songs on a recorder (and most of five or six more Christmas songs). On a recent outing with friends, the walking stick flute held me up nicely during the “stare at the campfire” portion of the evening. The Civil War came up as a subject and I figured it might be fun to try playing Amazing Grace for effect. The music was critiqued as sounding beautiful, by a rock musician who doesn’t normally use words like beautiful. But the fire, the subject (U.S. Civil War), and not my playing but the deep, warm sound of the flute, moved him during our little history lesson.


  • Linda, I just received my flute yesterday and it is wonderful. I am so happy with the look of it, and it has the sweetest sound one can ask for. Thank you — I know I will be playing this flute forever.


  • We got the two flutes today. Your walking stick and the two flutes have caused quite a disturbance in our little world. Momma (that’s my pet name for my wife, Cathy), the other “hobo,” and our roommate Darlene, sure do love them. A friend that plays side-blown flutes really well played on the walking stick for about 2 hours (the G flute). Then at lunch time, the postman came by with the two smaller flutes. Well, needless to say, your flutes have made our day.


  • The E flute is just a little too big for me for right now, but I am sure that when I get used to playing the side-blown flutes, I will have no problems in using my pinky finger for the bottom hole.

    Not bragging, but I can already play up and down the scales pretty good (according to me)!

    Just had to let you all know how pleased we all are! Thanks!


  • Oh my gosh, Linda, it is even more stunning than the picture I sent you! And I love the colors! You really brought the scene to life. I am beyond thrilled, and I know Kaley will be too. The inscriptions on the flutes are perfect as well. Adding to the beauty of the flutes, the bamboo grain is amazing, and so is the workmanship. Your husband is a marvelous flute maker!

    Best wishes,


  • The walking stick with Emi’s picture and name on it is just great! You captured the essence of her personality and even the details of her markings, like the distinct black spot on her forehead, the alert and tall ears, her white patch on her right rump and the delineation of white and black markings! The colorful borders (which we noticed are quite detailed) and greenery accent her color. I love it.

    We know that you put a lot of time and thought into creating these works of art and we want you to know that we will treasure them always, as will our family. Thanks again.

    Michi and Frank

  • Hooray! The flute arrived today. Thanks and well done. It surpassed my expectations; the photos in the website do not do any justice. I did not expect the flute to be so beautiful, and it is just right, the width of it, the length and the shape of it. And most important of all,your painting on it is just perfect.

    Thanks and I wish you all continuing success,


  • I wanted to let you know that I received my replacement flute today. Your customer service is superb and you guys stand behind your word and promises. I bought my bamboo flute primarily for stress relief and to re-enter playing musical instruments. I love how it feels and sounds! Nature could not have sounded any more beautiful! I am very pleased with my flute and I look forward to learning this wonderful instrument!


  • Wow, Linda!

    We received the walking stick yesterday and it is absolutely amazing. I knew it would be beautiful based on the artwork on your website but it exceeded our expectations. The icing on the cake was to have it personalized for him… a one of a kind that only HE has.


  • Linda, the cane is amazing. To put it in my lingo, it’s pimp. It’s a real bummer that I’m only 20 and need a cane, but I won’t be ashamed at all to sport this piece of art. And when I no longer need it I can donate it to my abuelita. Thanks again,


  • I just purchased an inked bamboo flute in E from you at the Philadelphia Folk Festival, and I wanted to let you know that it is a fantastic instrument with a great tone and response. I have about a dozen bamboo flutes from various makers, and this one is by far the best. Thank you!


  • I wanted to tell you how much I love the flute. I walk with it and play it daily and it has become one of my most cherished things. On a side note, I rubbed the entire flute with ultra fine steel wool which slightly softened the high gloss finish and made it feel like a baby’s ass.

    Thanks for making such a cool thing.


  • Stan here. I bought your cane flute for my wife a couple of months back, and I just wanted to tell you how delighted Lynn is with it. She really uses it, too. As a cane, that is. It’s obviously built to last.

    Frankly, she’s really not musically inclined. (Listening, yes. Playing, no!) So as I DO play, I’ll play her cane when we rest on our walks together. It’s become something precious that we share and we’d both like to thank you. You make this world a better place!

    Stan and Lynn

  • I was just wondering, should I send you a mail to see how the progress of the bamboo flute walking stick, camera pod, weapon thingie was going. Then my doorbell went, and I was very thrilled to have received it just now — today! I am very happy at the extra design you put on as requested — very warm, thank you. And your tiger design is great, I was immediately attached and sensed your kindness from your art, thank you very much.

    Kind Regards

  • I am typing this to tell everyone involved at S.B.F. how much I enjoy my walking stick flute. It arrived about a week and a half ago and I already can play the scale and all the songs in the booklet despite never touching, let alone playing, any wood wind instrument in my life! Its sound is great, and thank you for producing such a quality product at an affordable price and making it easy for DIY beginners to learn. I will continue to play and walk with it till I need a replacement in which I will be returning to S.B.F. for all my musical/bamboo needs.


  • In a time when affordable means cheap plastic or particle board designed to disappoint and keep markets open, it’s nice to know that in Serenity Bamboo Flutes, affordable just happens to be a welcome adjective for an outstanding product. And this is coming from a man who’s waited over 30 years for this happy meeting.

    Wishing you much and continued success, I am Thankfully Yours,


  • I just received the bamboo vase and I love it! Thank you again for your attention, you exceeded my expectations.


  • The new flute arrived today. I love it, this one is perfect for me. The reach is much easier for the third hole, so now I can concentrate on learning to play instead of on stretching to reach the hole properly. Thanks so much for exchanging it for me. It’s not every day you encounter such great customer service.


  • I first saw your walking flute last December in Negril, Jamaica (the Caribbean)! A young man from Canada was playing it at a place called Rick’s Cafe. This is a place where many people (60 to 70 a night) would gather to see the sun set, buy drinks, and watch people dive off a short cliff to the ocean.

    Well, that man played your flute beautifully, and easily became the center of attention that afternoon. He had all of us singing Christmas carols, and even Jamaican reggae. Everyone! From the waiters working there, to some tourists who only knew the Japanese words to the music.


  • I went down the Cape last weekend and mounted the bamboo vase I got at the high school crafts fair this winter. Thought you might like a pic–doesn’t it look great? Although you can’t see it, it adds the finishing touch on a deck we built last fall. When I saw the vase at the fair I instantly knew where it would go.

    Best Regards,

  • Chances are you don’t remember me, but I’ve been ordering my flutes from you for quite some time now. They are, without hesitation, the best flutes I have ever had the pleasure performing with. The tone and resonance is nothing less than mesmerizing for both myself and, with sincere humility, my audience. The question always comes up, afterwards, as to where I had these flutes custom made. I always laugh at this and say I ordered them without specification from, in my opinion, the best craftsmen whose instruments I have ever had the honor of playing: Serenity Flutes.

    Rhode Island

  • Linda, I cannot thank you enough! My cane, with the Kokopelli arrived today and I love it (along with my wife).

    I have cancer, and some days I am a little shaky when I walk and other days I am fine. On the shaky days the cane will come with me.

    Thank you again!

  • My god, this is a beautiful instrument! And the burnt finish color is just as I had pictured; perfect. And it is louder than I had imagined, I love it! The tone is strong and rich. Thank you two so very much, I am truly enjoying this first hour I’ve been playing around with it. I think I will most definitely get attached to this one for years to come. Thank you for being so cooperative with my request and at the incredible speed that it arrived.

    Again, thank you immensely,

    Phil S.

  • Got my new bamboo flute for Christmas. I have played traverse flutes for a few years so playing was a cinch. Was asked to do special music at church and while choosing what instrument to play and what song, I was warming up on my Serenity and I then pulled instrument after instrument out and after 15 minutes decided to go ahead and used the Serenity Bamboo Walking Stick flute for special music. It really has such a beautiful tone and louder and fuller then my Hall’s Crystal Flute, or other traverse flutes and whistles I have. When I walked out with my walking stick, the congregation was very curious about what I was doing, and when I began to play they were delighted. Praise God. The sound quality of your flutes is amazing, the balance ease of playing is great. Thank you!


  • We were very happy with how fast you responded to any questions we had, engraved, (beautifully I may say) and shipped our son’s flute. He was very pleased and has been enjoying it.

    Thanks for being a stand-up company who gives good, very fast service and produces a good product.


  • I got my ace of wands flute in the mail yesterday and I just wanted to say how delighted I am with it. I love it. Thank you all so much for this wonderful piece of playable art!


  • As promised, here is a photo of me with my walking stick bamboo flute. It was taken on a small mountain in Kananaskis Country along the Canadian Rocky Mountains (about 45 minutes from Calgary, AB). It served me well. Thanks again!


  • Good day,

    My name is Bill; we talked a few weeks ago. I live in Canada and ordered 3 flutes from you. I wanted to let you know that they are gorgeous. They are crafted beautifully and the tones are exquisite.

    Thanks again for your help when I called.


  • In 1989 I purchased a Bamboo flute in D from you while at the Big E in West Springfield, Mass. I was 39 at the time. Now 60, it still brings me much joy. Amazing what a grass can do for music.

    So much for the 1 year warranty!


  • I just received my Serenity Chinese Flute yesterday and gave it to my friend. She loves it so much. And most of all, thank you for painting her name on the flute for me on such short notice. That took what was already a beautiful gift and made it a beautiful and personal gift. She was already getting nice tones out of it just seconds out of the shipping tube.


  • Holy ****!

    Your custom design for me is way beyond my expectations! It is a gorgeous work of art that exceeds anything I could have seen in my mind’s eye before holding your finished piece!

    The absence of color via shadowing, combined with the highlights and lettering makes this truly exceptional!


  • Hi Folks!
    I don’t have words to express how happy I am with my new Walking Stick Flute! I found out that my friend also bought a Walking Cane Flute for her husband who plays professionally at nursing homes around this area and he’s just as thrilled with his Walking Cane Flute.

    We are all thrilled with the Quality and Beauty & Price of Serenity Bamboo Flutes, Canes and Walking Sticks!…

    I will definitely be bragging to everyone about your Amazing Creations!…I can’t wait to get back to playing my Wonderful Walking Stick Flute!…


  • I spoke with a very nice flute maker today on the phone — I think his name was Nick? — at your shop about ordering a couple more flutes. I’ll call you folks tomorrow or you call us.

    Thank you again ever so much,

    Bill, Cathy, and Darlene
    a friend and satisfied customer

  • Linda: I received the cane today and it is beautiful, great job. Now all I have to do is have my granddaughter teach me to play the flute. I hope to send some business your way when the other clowns see my cane. Again thank you for the special detail you put into my cane.

    Thanks and keep smiling!


  • The cane has been so comfortable and helpful to my condition. It is strong, supportive, and plays beautifully in ALL types of weather conditions! I have had it out in everything from freezing conditions to high mountain rain forests and it has played in tune on EVERY occasion! When I played the flute in the pics I’m sending, the local pastor of the church we were serving heard my “Amazing Grace” rendition and asked me to play at his church that evening! It was a wonderful time in my life (and for two of my children with me!) and your wonderful craftsmanship was a part of it. Again, thank you!


  • I bought one of your bamboo flutes at the Big E and was telling you about going camping with my new walking stick. You told me you wanted pictures. We went camping in Sturbridge, MA. Here are a couple of pictures. By the way, we got a lot of compliments on it. I hope you get more business because of it.


  • Yesterday my eagerly awaited new bamboo walking stick flute arrived at my doorstep. Upon opening the packing tube I was delighted to see that my order was filled correctly and that the new flute was a beaut, pardon the punning. Being a lover of music and a fumbler on stringed instruments such as guitar and ukulele, I enjoy the daily dose of music in my life. I could hardly wait to get my first tone, had never attempted to play a flute other than recorder and that is somewhat different. Persistence paid off and a sweet low note came out eventually. When I played my first scale I felt like a kid again (I’m 62). So now I have a new best friend and am looking forward to many hours of musical entertainment. Thanks a lot for the promptness of your service and the quality of your work.


  • I just received the walking stick flute, and it truly is amazing. I will definitely recommend Serenity to anyone who is looking to try a new musical instrument, or wants a customized walking stick/cane. Thank you very much.


  • The flute has arrived, and it is perfect. Thank you so much for being so accommodating. +50 for customer service!


  • When we presented Yuji and Rika with the parcels and they opened up each to discover their custom made walking sticks, they were so surprised. As they examined each of the walking sticks, they thought how beautiful the color of the bamboo was, with the dark and lighter areas, and they were thoroughly amazed with your lovely designs. They loved them and thought how unique and special they were.

    Best wishes,
    Michi and Frank

  • Hello….have to write and tell you what an awesome flute you made for me…I have many flutes from many places but none are as beautiful as this one from you…and such a sweet tone…I’m thrilled with my flute…thank you ever so much…


  • I’ve tried different transverse flutes and fifes with no success. I know it’s me. I’m no musician. In fact, I joked with my wife that if I could actually play a song (a recognizable song as opposed to those random jazzy exercises!) within the month, it would justify my getting the walking stick. Well within the week, I was able to play what I remember from the Kung Fu theme, and Amazing Grace from the song book that you offer. The explanation on blowing notes was key!


  • Received the flute today. I’ve been looking for bamboo flutes with this quality for over 20 years. I have an E bamboo flute purchased at a Southern Highland Craft Guild show back in 1990 or so, and I’ve never found another instrument that matched it in quality until now.

    I’ll be ordering some more flutes in other keys soon.

    Thanks much.


  • Hello Linda,
    Just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I am enjoying the walking stick you had custom made for me with the Acropolis and Greek Statue. I can’t tell you how many compliments I have received from friends and strangers as well. Thanks again for your very personal touch and outstanding workmanship.

    Best Regards,
    Peter z

  • I just wanted to write and thank you for your wonderful cane flute! I have been using it for over a year since becoming disabled due to an injury. I last took my cane flute to Chiapas, Mexico, on a mission trip with our church.

    Warmest Regards,


  • I just wanted to let you know I received the replacement today. Thank you very much for being so accommodating, I very much appreciate it. I’ve been doing customer service related work for close to 20 years and it’s hard to find the quality exhibited here, thank you very much again!


  • Nick, Just wanted to tell you that my dad LOVED his walking cane flute…what a great present for the 90 year old who has everything!

    My brother, who is a harmonica player, has been serenading him until he learns some songs himself. Although it arrived surprisingly early, no matter how much I beg him, he is adamant that he won’t take it out and about to show it off until his actual birthday on October 24th…he promises that he is enjoying it in his apartment until then…

    Thanks again for a lightning quick response!


  • I just received my walking stick flute today. Fantastic. I am amazed at the quality of the craftsmanship at such an affordable price. I was able to play right away and am very pleased with the sound quality! I am so impressed with your work I just ordered an Chinese flute, bag, and songbook.

    Keep up with the great work.


  • ……Waiting……

    The moon shone brightly
    This autumn night…
    A single moon beam cast its way
    Through the window,
    Illuminating the flute
    That was resting on the shelf…
    And I thought to myself,
    Only when the flute is silent
    Does it have its full potential…
    Every note… every space…
    Every nuance of music
    Is still within its grasp…
    Realizing… however, that once
    A single note is played,
    All of the rest become… for a moment…
    Non existent…
    Each note having its own
    Special place in time
    To be heard.
    I sat in the darkness and watched
    As the moon beam slide across the shelf
    And fell to the floor,
    As it always had…
    Autumn passed to winter,
    As it always had…
    And the flute waits patiently,
    As it always has..

    Steve Pilot
    August, 2006

  • Dear Linda, and Nick, and Jim,

    I can’t thank you enough! It’s beautiful! It’s sturdy! It’s strong! It’s long! It’s lovingly personalized! And it’s a FLUTE! How cool is that!?! Way cool!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And it couldn’t have come at a better time—my first holiday without my dear, late husband, and it’s all been falling apart. (But I picked myself up and determined to press on, and I know I am going to cook a wonderful meal tomorrow anyway, and that it will likely even be quite a wonderful day, too, tears, notwithstanding.) You have added such a treasure to my life with this beautiful, functional walking-stick-flute! I really appreciate it. Thank you, again.


  • My dog chewed up a very special bamboo flute of mine a few weeks ago. I had purchased it at the Maryland Renaissance Festival about 15 years ago, and it really meant a lot to me. I immediately began searching for a replacement, and Google pointed me to you folks. Today I received my flute, and was amazed at the quality of finish and clarity of tone for such an inexpensive instrument. I really appreciate your craftsmanship, and I look forward to trying some of your other offerings in the future (particularly the walking stick flute).


  • We know that the walking sticks that you created for Yuji and Rika will truly be appreciated by them as a work of art. The symbolic likenesses of each of them with their son, Kai, is perfect. The colors you chose for their shirts, the fireworks, stars and framework art is very pleasing. The sparkle of the many crystals that you added and the gold highlights and inscriptions give the pieces an elegant effect as well.

    Michi and Frank

  • I gave that bamboo flute to my harp instructor. She was very pleased! She liked how the finger holes were close enough for her to manage, and we both liked that it was practically in perfect concert pitch. Really amazing. And she loved the angel, the harp, the rose and everything. She even liked the long hair the angel had, because she used to have long hair (only recently having cut it short).


  • I just received my inked walking stick/flute (or, is that flute/walking stick?) and what a beautiful thing it is to the ear AND the eye! You’ve combined healthy exercise and music so that the mind and body may wander together. Great job!

    Thank you all and be well,

  • Linda,

    Warm Sunshine Greetings to you from the Virgin Islands. Your beautiful artwork arrived yesterday safe and sound. My other walking sticks are absolutely jealous. Thank you for making my day! I played the flute last night under a canopy of stars. These would make wonderful gifts. Continued success to you! Thank you again. Be Well.


  • …A year or so ago, I purchased a walking cane flute with the brass bird head and kokopelli painted on the side. I still own and play my flute. Just recently I took it to the local Ren Fair and had many compliments on its beauty and sound. Now it hangs on the corner of my fireplace when not in use in my new log cabin home. Just a beautiful wonderful touch to my home.

    So thank you again and God bless!


  • Dear Linda
    Just got my cane back. I wanted to drop you a line to express my satisfaction and gratitude for being so receptive to my needs. You were more than cooperative about fixing the glitch on my cane… fixing it promptly and graciously. As if that weren’t enough you also included an extra rubber tip because the old one looked “a bit worn.” I wish that more merchants were as customer oriented as you were. Thanks again.


  • I received my walking stick flute today, and I just have to say it’s beautiful. My family coat of arms looks fantastic! This is the first time I have ever played the flute. It took me a bit to produce the first note, but I can now play the scale on the first day.

    Thank you for this wonderful work of art.


  • My new hiking sticks arrived this morning and I am very pleased after taking them on their maiden voyage. I called and talked with Linda last week and explained the trouble that I was having trying to find a hiking stick that worked well for me. I am 6’5″, and I have broken several aluminum poles in the past. I needed a lightweight and sturdy pole that was approximately 58 inches long. Linda said that she could do it, and have it in the mail by Saturday. I was a little skeptical but when they showed up today all I can say is WOW! These hiking sticks are light weight, strong enough to handle difficult terrain, and thankfully just the right height for a man my size. I can’t wait to take them out on a long hike. Thank you for all that you have done. I will gladly recommend Serenity Bamboo Flutes to everyone I meet on the trail.

    Thanks again,

  • The walking stick arrived today—you are faster than Amazon!—and it was love at first sight. It is gorgeous, and the inscription looks great. It’s raining today, so I won’t be able to take it out for a trial walk until tomorrow, but I’ve walked it around the house, and it feels just right. I think it will make a great difference. I expect to see you at the craft fair on the 26th. I’ll bring my stick and hope to drum up some business!

    Thank you so much for making me this delightful object.


  • Thank you so much for the flute, I am in heaven. I called a week ago after finding you online via Google, I talked to the nicest woman who actually played a few of the flutes so I could hear the note. I played bamboo flute and carried one throughout my travels from Albuquerque to New York and beyond. It soothed my soul and is again, thank you so much, I cannot wait to order another. You are doing a great service to the world. Thank you.


  • Jerry received his walking stick today. It is very elegant, and when he’s able to walk better, I know he will really enjoy having it. Thank you all so much for the quick response. It was packaged extremely well and arrived in great shape. Hopefully, he will enjoy it for many years and then we can pass it on to our son. Be Blessed.


  • At a recent benefit performance…I was approached by a young girl and her father. She was recovering from a vicious attack that had placed her in a wheelchair – hopefully, with the Lord’s blessing, not for life. The assault left her partially paralyzed and it was all for her iPhone. A long story short, I felt compelled to give her the flute I had rush ordered, the instrument she called, “An angel’s voice…”. Alicia cried when I gave it to her and it was only with my insistence that she finally accepted it. Afterwards, we played together on the stage to an empty auditorium; Bach’s Sonata No. 1 in B minor – I wept because she played so beautifully! We wept and I was humbled. She continues her education and journey at Juilliard this coming fall.

    Rhode Island

  • We received our walking sticks today. They are just right! And to boot, they are nicely crafted. We do a lot of hiking on rocky trails and the bamboo stick with its stoppered bottom provides just the right traction. We used our first set of such sticks for at least six years. I’m sure we’ll get years of use from these, too. Thanks so much for the sturdy and reasonably priced walking sticks.


  • I am writing to express my appreciation for the extra effort you made to make my custom flute. It exceeds my expectations. By making my flute with four holes and offsetting the lower two, it gives me both the tone I wanted while making it easier to play. My right hand was injured while serving in the military, and the typically straight hole alignment was nearly impossible to manage, so I am grateful for your willingness to break with convention and produce this flute for me. The tone is just right and the finish makes it a work of art. I couldn’t have asked for more!

    Thanks again,

  • My niece got all sorts of Christmas presents. Electronics, crafts, toys. Once she opened the flute, it was all she would play with! She worked and worked to make a sound, and when she did, she would hop in the air and giggle with delight.

    So you were right….she likes it. She really likes it. Thank you for sharing joy and music with the rest of us. Happy New Year!


  • I bought one of your walking stick flutes about a month ago and I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with it. The sound is beautiful and rich even though I am a novice flutist at best. It is very easy to play! The order process was smooth and I received my flute within a week of ordering it. I have since posted a video of me playing Naruto’s Main Theme on YouTube with my walking stick flute. Check me out! LOL I’m so proud of myself! Thanks for a great product!

    Lorraine J

  • This year I started my flute playing journey, and last month I ordered one of your bamboo walking cane flutes. When it arrived, I wasted absolutely no time digging into the package, and as soon as I looked at the gorgeous finish and held the flute in my hands I knew I was dealing with something special. I decided I wouldn’t send a thank you email until I was a little bit better at playing the thing, so I’ve been practicing every day and enjoying every minute of it! I have a few other flutes now, but this one is still my favorite.


  • My son Conor and I greatly enjoyed meeting you yesterday at the street fair, and thanks to you I am now able to progress on my new (first) transverse flute using the techniques you demonstrated. Now that I am no longer dependent on "whistle" flutes, a whole new world of instruments is open to me, and I look forward to building a larger flute collection.


  • Hello Linda,
    Just received the beautiful walking stick monopod flute. Thank you for a wonderful instrument with the painted images and inscription. I hope to own this for many years and get plenty of enjoyment while practising on the flute. The uniqueness will certainly keep me motivated to have it readily available at all times. Best wishes to you and Nick for the coming season.


  • We brought [the cane] over to him last night and…he loves it!….The colors in the stick are so beautiful and he wants people see how beautifully you painted the Marine Corps emblem and personalized it with his name and USMC status. Once a Marine, always a Marine….

    Ooh-RAH! Thanks again!


  • The flute arrived today, and it’s gorgeous! This is my first flute, but I’m able to play the whole lower octave after an hour of practice, and can do a fair rendition of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.’ Thanks so much — I’ll definitely be buying from you again.


  • Today we received our bamboo cane for Dave. This is the second product from you — his first being the walking stick. We wanted to tell you how pleased we are with these wonderful items that are crafted with quality, beauty, and obviously a great deal of pride.

    Best Regards, Lisa & Dave

  • I bought one of your walking stick flutes 10 or 12 years ago and have walked hundreds of miles through our woods with it and hope to take it up Kilimanjaro and into the Andes. I compliment you on your craftsmanship. It has a nice sound, but I use it more as a walking stick than as an instrument, and it holds up great. The compass has kept my dogs and I from getting lost many times. I’m a Baroque recorder player rather than a flutist, but I do intend on learning to play some simpler tunes on the walking stick before too long.


  • Got the flute today. This is the best bamboo flute I own, no joke. It’s absolutely beautiful and sounds great. The intonation is spectacular for a bamboo flute. I will definitely be buying more flutes from you. Thanks!


  • Linda, the flutes are magnificent! They are even more beautiful than I expected them to be, and that is saying a lot! The saucer/alien design is wonderful and is just different enough from Kaley’s walking stick flute to be an original too.

    Best wishes,


  • My cane literally just arrived and I cannot say enough about the quality of the craftsmanship and your incredible artwork! It’s absolutely beautiful! Besides being utilitarian, it is a work of art, and the cost is actually less than I would have paid for a plain cane from several other makers.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Linda: Got my dad’s cane today! It’s so beautiful! I love the way the etching came out…. he will LOVE it. I hate that he needs a cane these days as he’s 87, but he will now be using an incredibly stylish and BEAUTIFUL cane instead of the crappy one he’s used to. Many, many thanks!


  • I’ve wanted a bamboo flute cane/walking stick for over 30 years as a result of my watching the TV series Kung Fu, and later, the film Circle of Iron (aka Silent Flute). It went along with the whole martial arts self-improvement thing. My wife knew about this so she agreed to let me indulge myself.

    The cane is beautiful. I was a little worried that bamboo translated as flimsy. That is not the case. It feels good in the hand, has a really nice, smooth finish — and oh yeah — it plays music!


  • I got my flutes today, and wow, are they absolutely lovely! What a beautiful finish! Cute idea with the compass on top too! A fine creative touch! The packaging is superb as well, you take such care with details all around! Thanks for using tubes; it’ll come in handy when I wrap these for Christmas.

    These are so pretty, and the tone is really really pleasant as well…the two I’m giving away are going to be a definite hit at Christmas time for sure 🙂

    I can’t wait to walk with it with my puppies! (I chose the thicker one in case I have to beat off coyotes lunging after my pups! One did one time lunge after my little gal here, but we were on her before it wuz… *whew*!

    The post man commented on em as well, by the way, thought they were pretty keen idea 🙂

    Calgary, AB, Canada

  • I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my flute. It’s been years since I’ve played, and it’s been a delight to pick up something so simple yet beautiful in its appearance and sound. My son and husband are amazed daily by the rich tones I’m able to produce with it.

    Warm regards,
    Diane T.

  • I received my cane this morning…I am very impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the five star service provided by you. Thank you very much for the promptness in processing my order.

    Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia

  • Hi Linda –
    Wow, ya done good! I’m very impressed! Not only is it a solid, great looking walking cane, (which I unfortunately need these days), but it’s a well-tuned and responsive flute, (concert pitch, no less).

    I’ve played Irish flute and whistle for years, and have owned some killer flutes. This is, of course, just a cylindrical bamboo flute, and has the inherent limitations. But dollar-for-dollar, it’s amazing! I’ll be showing it off, and already have my nephew interested in a hiking-stick flute. I’ll also leave good feedback on eBay and your website. Kudos to you guys!


  • Linda,
    Received the bamboo flute walking stick with the Marine Corps emblem today. I couldn’t be happier. You did a beautiful and excellent job on it. Thank you very much.

    Vic L

  • Recently, I was telling a friend the story of my adventure in the Great Sand Dunes National Park in 2005. I was backpacking alone, and I went far into the dunes one afternoon to camp. A storm came up that turned out to be far more severe than what was predicted to be an ordinary afternoon summer thunderstorm. I was unable to get my tent pitched, thunder rolled and the wind rose.

    I decided to bail out, but by this time, the wind was whipping up the sand to such a degree that visibility was extremely low. This was dangerous — some dunes have a 100′ drop from the ridge where I walked, and contrary to popular belief, sand is not soft. I couldn’t afford to get lost, and I couldn’t afford to slip.

    Luckily, I had my trusty walking stick flute with the compass on top. I covered up all exposed skin, feeling like Lawrence of Arabia, and set off with the flute as my guide. The wind moaning through the flute was my only company, but I made it out safely, all thanks to your flute!


  • The new dark walking stick flute stands by my desk. I play Amazing Grace on it almost every day. It’s the perfect little Saraswati-creative break between tasks. The E tuning seems to have the right resonance with this stage of my life.

    That’s not to say that the old D flute circa 1976 does not still have an honored place amongst my most treasured inspirational objects. Thanks again for the magic seed you planted in a teenager when you were starting out 34 years ago. The chance that we reconnected after all this time attests to the subtle and enduring quality of your work.

    Best Regards,

  • I use the flute in meditation and have found it to be very helpful in that.

    Nick, I wish the best for you and your associates and am so appreciative of your extra effort on my part. May you continue to prosper.


  • OMG! We just received the walking cane and my husband and I could not wait for Christmas to see it so we very carefully unwrapped it and it is BREATHTAKING!…My son is going to be ecstatic when he opens it. I truly cannot thank you enough for the terrific job you did on this. Needless to say, my husband now wants one as well but wants to find a picture to challenge you with as well, so please do not be surprised to hear from me in the future — his birthday is in April. Your wonderful talent has made this holiday very special for our family.


  • It has been my practice to play "Georgia on my Mind" on a flute during my travels; it happens to be one I can play well, and I’m from Georgia. I may have been the first to play this song at Machu Picchu, on your flute.

    Thanks for this item that I will continue to use and treasure.


  • I really enjoy playing my Serenity bamboo walking stick flute. It has a rather unique tone…I love it! I have tried other flutes, but this one is the best! I really look forward to purchasing more.


  • I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the beautiful flute. I don’t think I have ever seen my son so excited about a gift other than when he received a live bunny when he was 5 years old. You made his birthday!

    Thank you again for your fine work.


  • I just wanted to write you and let you know how pleased I am with my new flute. I just received it the other day and am enjoying its beautiful tone and beautiful appearance. It is a true work of art worth every penny!

    Thank You,

  • My wife surprised me with a walking stick flute, and I want to tell you it’s beautiful. I want to thank you for your craftsmanship and keeping the flutes affordable. I am one of those grew up on Kung Fu baby boomers and have always wanted one since watching David Carradine play his in the TV series Kung Fu. Now almost 50 and into Tai Chi, I guess it was time (LOL)…I am already driving my wife and son crazy though they are impressed that I can even play it!

    Thanks again,

  • I am glad that Christmas isn’t close, because it’ll give me more time to admire these exquisite works of art before giving them away as gifts. Thank you so much! It’s been a true joy doing business with you.

    Best wishes,


  • I received the flute I ordered for my son on Friday with the eagle and American flag. I wanted to thank you for the quick delivery, and the pictures on your website of the flutes and of your artwork do not do justice to the actual product. It was absolutely beautiful and the service I received was great. Again, thank you for the great flute — my son will love it.


  • I received the stick today and it is awesome. I don’t understand how you can make and ship such a nice stick for such a reasonable price. This is a real keeper. Thanks so much for your customer service and the great stick.

    Best Regards,

  • Your magnificent Shellie & Max cane flute arrived at our door about 2:00 pm. You’ve outdone yourself on the pictures of Max & Shellie. The background design and lettering are the best of all the canes. My name & phone number in the brass looks like award engraving. What a treasure.

    I noticed it has a generous diameter and is more round than oval. Perfect. The tone is exceptional, as is the full range of 2 octaves. So clear and a joy to hear and play a variety of songs.


  • Flute arrived last night and is just beautiful. The fox you painted is just stunning and I’m amazed how the crystals look for the eyes. When the light strikes them right they glow like canine eyes in the night, and in the dark face, the effect is almost haunting. Thank you so much for your work!


  • I love my new bamboo flute from Serenity. What a wonderful company. I was charmed that their website said they would play a flute over the phone so I could assess its quality, so I took them up on the offer and also got all my questions answered. Amazing customer service. They were willing to ship me a totally natural flute with no varnish or coatings, just the plain bamboo, and it arrived very quickly. This is a real musical instrument, in good tune for a bit more than 1.5 octaves as promised. I play concert flute, tin whistle, and other wooden flutes, and find the tone of this one lovely and haunting. It’s already been used in a performance. So glad to have found you guys. Thank you for what you do!

    Claire M.

  • My new walking stick arrived yesterday — – it’s ‘right on …’ You…do indeed make a very high quality walking stick that I’ll certainly put to good use on my numerous ‘dog-walking’ ventures.

    Thanks again …


  • My friend, Brian, loved his walking stick flute! He had never seen anything like it. He said the workmanship was terrific and the sound just lovely. So, thanks for all your work to get this out to him. His colleagues at his office were also interested in it…so maybe you will gain some new customers from Colorado!

    Best wishes for continued success,


  • I loved the walking stick flute as soon as I saw it… and was so excited when it arrived. When I opened it, I found that it had cracked in the middle. I was very disappointed and immediately called the website. I was treated so nicely and was assured that a replacement would be sent immediately. I received the replacement in just a few days and it was "perfect"…beautiful…and sounded heavenly. I love my flute and will be enjoying it for many years to come….All business people should take a lesson from you gays on the handling of customers’ complaints. You are "TOPS" in my book!


  • …You produce an instrument that transcends making flutes – your instruments reach into the very soul, and that is truly something extremely few can claim and, sadly, even fewer strive for.

    Thank you…in so many ways!

    Rhode Island

  • I received my walking stick! It is beautiful! Thank you! I am so proud of it; can’t wait to go walking with it tomorrow! You do an incredible job at the very fairest price! Thank you again!


  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! The flutes themselves are beyond beautiful, and the artwork is glorious! I can hardly wait to get home this evening to stare at them some more. I may not sleep tonight.

    Best wishes,

  • I am a substitute schoolteacher at four different high schools and love to play a few notes to a class of unsuspecting kids occasionally… especially when they are being noisy and not looking at me. If I play a few notes, the room gets immediately silent as I watch them looking all around for the sound and see jaws drop in sheer astonishment. It really turns heads.

    Sometimes, as the students are leaving the classroom, I will play a note when only one student is looking. Rarely does anyone believe him when he tries to tell them what he saw. Of course, I deny it. Now kids stop me all the time and say, “Are you the sub whose cane is a flute? Is it really?”. “Yup”… “No way!” “Yes way!” and they ask to hear a few notes. This past year the popular exclamation at school is “Saa-weet” (sweet).

    I enjoy near-celebrity status! Teachers are beginning to stop me in the halls for the same reason. In one school, I can’t walk through the cafeteria without multiple people coming up to me. Way cool. It is sooo much fun!


  • I am certain that [my cane] will be the talk of my next veterans’ get-together and I am sure that you will be getting some word-of-mouth referral business from me! I guarantee that I will also be a repeat customer when the time arrives for me to look at getting a unique, one-of-a-kind gift for someone.

    Linda, your patience and desire to help me through the ordering process made this an extremely pleasant experience as well!

    Best regards,

  • My flute arrived and is gorgeous! (Inked Kokopelli key of A for my daughter.) Nice work. I’m impressed, enthused, and otherwise excited. Thank you. Details are exquisite. It’s beautiful and it plays well. I ordered a flute and got a work of art.

    Brian in Buffalo

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