Dark Bamboo Walking Cane

Dark Bamboo Walking Cane

Dark Bamboo Walking Cane
Dark Bamboo Walking Cane
Dark Bamboo Walking Cane
Dark Bamboo Walking Cane
Dark Bamboo Walking Cane
Dark Bamboo Walking Cane
Dark Bamboo Walking Cane
Dark Bamboo Walking Cane

Dark Bamboo Walking Cane

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  • Handcrafted bamboo wood walking cane
  • Your choice of brass handle
  • Replaceable rubber tip
  • Waterproof finish
  • 36 inches (91cm); custom lengths available
  • Custom inscriptions and images available
  • Description

Dark bamboo wood Walking Canes handcrafted at our home in the Berkshires Hills of Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Light yet very strong, our Wood Walking Canes are intended for use by anyone in need of a walking cane for support or those searching for a stylish and unique Wood Walking Cane. 

Each bamboo Wood Walking Cane comes with a brass handle (choice of four styles), leather hand strap and replaceable rubber tip on the bottom (extra tips available). The exterior of our bamboo Wood Walking Cane has a beautiful, tortoise-shell-like finish developed by us over our nearly 50 years of working with bamboo wood. This is a unique finish that sets our walking canes apart from the others. The dark bamboo wood contrasts beautifully with the brass handle to create a very distinguished looking walking cane. We protect our Wood Walking Canes from the elements with a coat of durable waterproof finish. We also offer our Wood Walking Cane as a tuned Walking Cane Flute

Brass Walking Cane Handles

Our bamboo Wood Walking Cane has a brass handle with your choice of four styles to choose from (see photo above). The brass handles are interchangeable and can be unscrewed from the walking cane.

  • 'Regency' cane handles are by far the most comfortable of our brass cane handles. It is the best choice for anyone relying on a walking cane for support.
  • 'Eagle' cane handles are the next most comfortable cane handle. If you will be applying a moderate amount of pressure on the walking cane you should find this handle very comfortable. 
  • 'Cobra' and 'Ball' cane handles are the least comfortable if you need the support of a cane for walking but are very stylish looking.

Walking Cane Length

Unless otherwise specified, we ship our Wood Walking Cane cut to 36 inches (91cm). Walking canes can be cut longer or shorter at no extra cost. If you need a cane size other then 36 inches (91cm) please enter the length required in the 'Cane Length' area found above with the other walking cane options.

Sizing a Walking Cane

It is very important for anyone who must rely on a cane for support while walking to have a properly sized walking cane. Please visit our Walking Cane Sizing page for helpful instructions on how to properly measure someone for a walking cane. If you need further assistance please give us a call and ask for Linda. We will gladly answer any questions you may have and instruct you on correctly sizing a Wood Walking Cane. 

Inked Walking Cane

Have a design of your choice drawn onto one of our Wood Walking Canes. Linda first engraves the design onto the Wood Walking Cane then hand inks each design in full color using high quality permanent inks. This is a truly one of a kind Wood Walking Cane. Please take a moment to look at some of Linda's Inked Designs

Use your own Design

Personalize a Wood Walking Cane with your own design. Simply email us a photo or sketch of the design you would like put on a walking cane. We will promptly reply to let you know if we can do it. Or call us at 413-298-3759 to discuss any design ideas you may have for a Wood Walking Cane. Ask for Linda. 

Add a Name or Inscription

Personalize a Wood Walking Cane by adding a name or inscription for a small fee to create a unique, one of a kind walking cane. Linda first engraves each walking cane with the name or inscription then hand inks each letter in gold using a high quality permanent ink. The gold ink against the dark bamboo wood is very stunning! Use an inscription of your own or choose from one of our many Listed Inscriptions. 

To add a name or inscription to a Wood Walking Cane, first choose your walking cane and place it in the shopping cart then proceed to our Custom Page to add a name or inscription. 

'Serenity' Bamboo Walking Cane

In April of 2000, to commemorate our 25th year in business, Linda created our 'Serenity' Bamboo Walking Cane. Linda engraves a solid dark bamboo walking cane with the Chinese character meaning 'Serenity' and a dragonfly, the Chinese symbol for good luck. She then hand inks each design in gold using high quality permanent ink. The gold etchings against the solid dark bamboo wood is very striking.

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