‘Serenity’ Chinese Flute

'Serenity' Chinese Flute

'Serenity' Chinese Flute
'Serenity' Chinese Flute
'Serenity' Chinese Flute
'Serenity' Chinese Flute
'Serenity' Chinese Flute
'Serenity' Chinese Flute

'Serenity' Chinese Flute

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  • Handmade, side-blown bamboo wood flute
  • Hand etched and inked in gold with a dragonfly and the Chinese character for Serenity
  • Range of 1 1/2 to 2 octaves
  • Approximate lengths:
    • Key of 'A' is 15 Inches (40cm)
    • Key of 'G' is 17 Inches (43cm)
    • Key of 'F' is 20 Inches (50cm)
    • Key of 'E' is 21 Inches (53cm)
    • Key of 'D' is 23 Inches (58cm)
  • Free instruction booklet included
  • Optional cloth carrying bag and/or 50-song booklet
  • Description

In the year 2000, to commemorate our 25th year of making and selling our distinctive style of Bamboo Flutes and Walking Sticks, Linda designed the now very popular 'Serenity' Bamboo Chinese Flute.

Our 'Serenity' Chinese Flute has a dragonfly (Chinese symbol of good luck) and the Chinese character meaning 'Serenity' engraved into the dark bamboo wood between the mouth hole and the first finger hole. Linda then hand inks the engraving in gold using a high quality permanent ink. The gold etchings against the dark bamboo wood creates a most beautiful contrast.

We individually concert tune each 'Serenity' Bamboo Chinese Flute to a major scale, and they play a range of 1 1/2 to 2 octaves. These Bamboo Flutes are transverse flutes, played sideways like a concert metal flute. Serious flute players, as well as beginners, will appreciate the very mellow, meditative tone of our Bamboo Flutes. Light, yet very durable, this is the perfect instrument to take along with you on your travels.

A free instruction booklet explaining how to play a side-blown flute is included with each flute purchase. We also offer a play-by-number songbook containing 50 simple songs and a cloth flute bag, each for a small additional charge. Flute bag color and design may differ from the photo shown above.

'Serenity' Chinese Bamboo Flute Sizes

We offer our 'Serenity' Bamboo Chinese Flute in five different keys/sizes. For suggestions in helping to decide which size Bamboo Flute is appropriate for you, please click here.

Add a Name or Inscription 

Personalize a ‘Serenity’ Bamboo Flute with a name or inscription for a small fee. Linda engraves each letter into the dark bamboo wood then hand inks each letter in gold using quality permanent ink. Use an inscription of your own or choose from our List of Classic Inscriptions

To add a name or inscription, first choose your Bamboo Flute and place it in the shopping cart then proceed to our Custom Page.

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