I got my flutes today, and wow, are they absolutely lovely! What a beautiful finish! Cute idea with the compass on top too! A fine creative touch! The packaging is superb as well, you take such care with details all around! Thanks for using tubes; it’ll come in handy when I wrap these for Christmas.

These are so pretty, and the tone is really really pleasant as well…the two I’m giving away are going to be a definite hit at Christmas time for sure 🙂

I can’t wait to walk with it with my puppies! (I chose the thicker one in case I have to beat off coyotes lunging after my pups! One did one time lunge after my little gal here, but we were on her before it wuz… *whew*!

The post man commented on em as well, by the way, thought they were pretty keen idea 🙂

Calgary, AB, Canada

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